How To choose The Best Plastic Surgeon In Kolkata?


Opting for plastic surgery is indeed a life-changing decision. However, plastic surgery is a lengthy process that has multiple steps to get you the final outcome. Among them, the very first step in considering plastic surgery is to find the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is very much essential for your safety as plastic and cosmetic surgery is quite a delicate surgery that requires expert hands. We would suggest you consider the following tips to choose the right plastic surgeon for you –


1. Consider word of mouth:

Referrals are always very much important, especially if you are new to something. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you do not get any recommendation from your near ones, you can visit any general physician. A physician will certainly recommend you the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata. This is how you can get an insight into the expertise and services of a plastic surgeon whom you are going to talk to soon!

2. Check your surgeon’s academic background:

As soon as you get trustworthy and unbiased advice from a general physician, get ready for the next important step. It is your right to verify the academic background of your plastic surgeon before your surgery. Check from where he has completed his graduation or MBBS, general surgery training, specialization in plastic surgery, etc. This will help you understand the expertise of your plastic surgeon and develop trust in his skills for the hassle-free surgical procedure you are looking for. 

3. Know your surgeon’s experience:

Along with expertise, your surgeon’s experience in the field of plastic surgery is also a serious consideration. This is because plastic and cosmetic surgery is a truly broad field. Therefore, not every qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata you find can meet your unique needs. Remember that, practice makes everyone perfect. So, for plastic surgeons. Experienced plastic surgeons are more efficient and reliable than others who do not have much experience in plastic surgery.

4. Your surgeon has to be approachable:

If you are going for plastic surgery, you need to know every in and out about the procedure. So, choose a surgeon who talks freely and lets you know every potential risk, complication, and expected outcome as well. You must not undergo a surgical procedure blindly without knowing anything about it. Observe if your plastic surgeon is cooperative enough to clear your smallest doubt and answer your silliest questions about your preferred plastic or cosmetic procedure.

We expect that these points will help you find the best plastic surgeon who is mindful of your requirements and comfort.



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